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Word To The Wise – No. 5

The late Jack Hardy. Greatly Missed.

“Everything that comes from our trance-like creativity is not golden. It must be weighed up against the needs of the listener. I remember in high school someone asking the teacher how long an essay had to be and he replied (in the dated language of the early sixties), “It should be as long as a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting”.”

Jack Hardy (2011)


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Word To The Wise – No. 4

The Songwriter's Soup.

“I have freely begged, borrowed, and patched together. If there is any quality in my work, it is primarily in the “taste” with which I have raided others’ stores and in the way I have adapted and mixed together the ingredients and, thereby, made the soup. Some will, of course, not recognize the ingredient they have contributed, or, at least, not want to admit they do after they taste my soup. If there are occasional inventions, their only chance for a full life is that someone else will borrow them and mix them into new soup.”

James Paul Gee (2011)

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Word To The Wise: No. 3

Hemingway at his most beardy.

“The first draft of everything is s**t.”

Ernest Hemingway

And that’s from a man who didn’t put up with much guff. For heaven’s sake, don’t be too hard on your first draft. Just let it pour.

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Word To The Wise – No. 2

Don’t Be Ashamed…

Bruce Springsteen said that making a song was just like fixing a car. You bolt loads of bits together and see if it runs.

You wouldn’t fix a car without your toolbox, would you? Jumpstart your vocabulary with the single most useful tool at a songwriter’s disposal. Click the link above for a whole new world.

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Word To The Wise – No. 1

“The longer you hold a chord, the bigger it sounds.”


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