The Times They Are A-Altering

Hello first time viewers! Thanks for dropping by. Lovely to have you. Some coffee? Tea? Biscuits? No? Well, don’t say I didn’t ask.

You are here at a rather non-momentous occasion: An atom-wide wibble on the seismograph of history. The opening, not of a brand new theme park, not of a new chip shop, not of a new missile silo, but another blimmin blog to add to the blizzard of guff already backlogging the M5 corridors of our collective consciousness.

I suppose you must be wondering what I’ll be talking about. Well, I’ll tell you. But only after a couple of unnecessary rhetorical questions.

Will I be trawling through the backwaters of the Amazon posting pictures of rare, endangered species? No.

Will I be braving gunfire and IED’s in the Gaza Strait, tracking down stormy-eyed terrorists and posting their interviews? No.

Will I be sitting at home spouting useless adoration about utterly awesome examples of songwriting in modern culture? Probably.

So let no bejewelled baby-boomer break a bottle on my bow, just let me sail off into the Solent and hope like mad I don’t get beached on my own self-importance.

Have a good one!


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